I actually do have a serious and informative post for later in the week, but I’ve been doing some summer things of late…it began with a seismic upgrade which meant cleaning the basement, this of a house we’ve lived in for 36 years…can you IMAGINE what a momentous photo this is??

Summer 1

…and artist Kathryn Cellerini Moore has been working to make our garden so gorgeous before she goes off to an AIR at Playa in Summer Lake, Oregon, in August…it has been great to have an artist in the garden…

Summer 3

and gardens are key…ours and the gardens of friends…

Summer 4

summer 18

summer 13

Summer 13 (1)

eating outside…

Summer 12

summer 6

summer 19

good fresh produce…

summer 10

summer 7

summer 9

and for the third year having to look up my blueberry chutney recipe on my own blog…good quick summer cooking…(this was a garlic aioli potato salad)

summer 8

looking at fabric…this beautiful piece from Japan collected by a friend…

Summer 5

a little sewing…

summer 16summer 17

making an “artist-curated charm pack” (I stole the idea) for Sharon’s birthday…

Summer 20

and garden parties!  Kay and John’s 25th wedding anniversary in their beautiful and lively garden…

summer 22 (1)

summer 21

SUmmer Kay and John

summer 23

summer festive

summer sprinkler

and then in Sharon’s garden remembering Bob who has been gone from us for 5 years now… his ties were colorfully decorating Sharon’s tree today in remembrance…

summer, ties

happy summertime friends.

summer 11



  1. . . .a precious, “how-to-enjoy-summer-sermon” w/photos !! You DID it, again !!!
    blue-berry photo, you could “almost” help yourself……Love your postings….this one was my “bedtime” story tonight…..& now….Sweet dreams, and a safe & solid seismic upgrade…….nadine

  2. WOW! What a great way to kick start summer, reading your blog! Not sure how you found time to clean out your basement, but it looks fantastic.
    Nice to see the Bibler’s are out and about, and loved the ties in the trees.
    Your food photos are mouth watering, and i am so inspired: to art up my garden and fix a lovely potato salade!

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