The Heart of the Summer

That’s what I always think the 4th of July is, the heart of the summer, the time of blueberries and peaches…even though there are still three more months ahead and only one behind…(too many years on the academic schedule I guess.)  And for us the 4th of July means the beach…this year like most of the last 24…  Our little part of the beachy world looks like this, looking back toward land and then looking across the bay to the spit…

beach pano 1

beach pano 2

From our vantage points around our small neighborhood we look south and west, see the tides move and the sun set, watch the fireworks…

beach 3.5

beach 7 (1)beach 3beach 5

beach 4

beach 6

and this year there was special magic afoot…

beach unicorn

things that had been lost were re-found…

Bunny 3Bunny 1Bunny 2

Beach bunny 5

Beach bunny 3

Beack Bunny 1

NEW things were found…

Beach MLZ 1

Beach MLZ 2

…a few things found new life (thanks Lisa, thanks Zach)…


there were games…

Beach games 1Beach games 2

Beach games 3Beach dressup

Beach legois 2Beach legos 2


Beach haircut 1

Beach lunch


Beach sports

the chef was in the kitchen…

Beach chef

the table was ready…beach house 2

the clean-up crew was efficient and worked fast…

Beach clean-up crew

and though our house is small…

Beach house 1

there’s room…

Beach story time (1)


And of course a few traditions were continued…

culinary triumph


Nearby we found the PERFECT view lot of our dreams (but sadly not our bank account)

beach wish

had waaaayyy too much fun…

Bach morning 1Beach morning 2Beach morning 3

and came home with a little bit of laundry (that would be 6 loads…)

Beach 6 loads

the only wish for next year?   A washer and a dryer…











  1. Totally enjoyed “our” trip to the beach! First haircuts are so, well, shocking. First step to coming of age,and as hard on the cuttee & cutter as the rest of us.
    Did the Unicorn show up?

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