The Melange That is July…This Year

What a crazy mixed-up fun month this has been…so far.  Possibly there is a limit to how much fun you can actually have in one calendar month, but I haven’t maxed out yet.   The fourth of July of course (see below).  Then visitors…

How and Amy came and we looked at the bridge progress..


How pointed out the end-of-the-day routine the workers have for the crane…


we checked the local architecture…

examining architecture

went to the MIG farm cart and had a coffee at Archive…


MIG lunch

We drew…


we hugged…


Martha and I headed up to Yale Union to see the last day of the Susan Cianciolo show and to attend a “workshop” (we had no clear idea of what we’d be doing…but what the heck…).  Yale Union is just a beautiful space in an old garment factory/warehouse…you must go and take a look as it is now one huge open space with a running ribbon of windows…well, you just want to move in and start working.

Kimono 1

First we look at Susan Cianciolo’s work…I was especially interested in the idea of “kits”…of her mixture of fabric/quilted pieces and narrative and collections and the stuff of everyday life…the evidence of children and their ideas was engaging to me.

kit 9

kit 8

kit 7

kit 6

kit 5

kit 4

kit 3

kit 2

kit 1

kit 11

and now it was time for the workshop…

workshop 1

Susan Cianciolo

and the task at hand was to make a kimono.  I was more interested in her ideas of making notational books, and began to develop the idea of “workbooks” as I slouch toward “Art Laundry” (stay tuned for that one…) and so…voila, the kimono work book was the end result of my 2 1/2 hours of work…

Kimono workbook

Many people there though really did make kimonos, and it looked like this…

Kimono 7

Kimono 6

Kimono 4

Kimono 2

with three young designers, former students of Susan Cianciolo’s, there to help…

Kimono 3

Kimono 5

Ellen and Larry were here for a few days of total relaxation and I obliged by NOT photographing them…

“Waterlines” went up at the Compass Gallery and here I meanly only photographed my own work, but Dayna Davidson Collins has a bunch of lovely paintings…come take a look…up til August 1st.


Quilt group met at our house this week for the “reveal”…all the things we made from Kate’s “ugly fabric” give-away last December (the fabric she gave us wasn’t ugly really…it was the color of a mouse)…true to form the projects were as different as the makers…and just as nice…





Kate (1)

Kathleen (1)


Olga 2Olga 1


We exchanged more uglies to be revealed next December…ate some yummy salads…


and then Deann’s homemade cheesecakes nicely presented (and yummy)…

D's dessert

and today I cleaned the sewing “cottage” and sewed all day…




The framer called and they found How’s little piece that was having a frame repair and then got lost…

How's piece back home

SO, what next?  There are some “workbooks” all ready for “ART Laundry”…


Art Laundry card piece

More info coming on that one…but now maybe the beach?  Drawing for sure, sewing for sure…there are still 10 more days…!




  1. Wish there were “sound effects” so you could “hear” my surprise and delight !! It’s kind of a running commentary…..because you KNOW I don’t do “concise”!!

  2. A very interesting blog with beautiful photographs. Your garden looks amazing. See you at Art Laundry. May I bring things to be ironed?

  3. Bonnie is living life to the fullest! 😄 I just enjoyed a brief glimpse into how delightful it is. Loved the ugly’s!!!

  4. Oh lord girl, or as we said at Catholic school, JMJ!
    i loved everything about what you just posted, My heart is in a quiver, especially over your “Kimono. I want…can we talk?”

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