Art Laundry, III

Carolyn Schneider and I met in a 7th grade art class.  Our first forays into the art world were on the subway into the city to go to the Art Institute of Chicago when we were 13.  We’ve been looking at art, thinking about art and making art ever since.  For the last decade we’ve had an annual studio event either in her California studio, or in mine…more talking, more looking, more art-making, some writing.

In 2012 we had a gallery show in Fort Bragg, California which we called “Art Laundry” and it looked like this. 

Art LAundry 1, Lost Coast Culture MAchine

Art Laundry 1

Drawings, quilts, mending, sewing, prints…it even included my little “Gallery of Plaid”

art laundry 3

and then in 2015 Carolyn and ART LAUNDRY came to Salem…and it looked like this:


Peggy ironing

C ironing, 2015

Carolyn and Q, Art LAundry 2

Sue and HaroldJo and JimDave and San

Carolyn, 2015

me-art laundry selfies

birds, Art Laundry 2015, Roger Hull and friend

Art Laundry card piece

It was drawing, it was quilts, it was talking and masks and thinking of that interface between making art and doing routine work and domestic work, it was fun and serious.

This year Art Laundry III comes to the Compass Gallery at the Willamette Heritage Center, 1313 Mill Street SE.  August 3 the gallery will be hung with Carolyn Schneider’s drawings, my quilts and monoprints.  Beginning Monday August 8 Carolyn and I will be in the gallery for 4 days, 11-3 daily.  Carolyn will be performing public ironing and talking about work of all kinds.  The “opening” will be Thursday night     August 11th at the gallery, from 5-7.  We urge you to come see us, bring some ironing, sit and talk about the work you are making, the work we are making, or how you learned to iron a shirt…see you very soon!

how to iron a shirt

detail how to iron

Ross Sutherland, 2015


  1. “Public Ironing”…..Love the phrase….hard to tell if it’s GOOD or BAD !!! Personally I do the Collar, then the yoke, the sleeves, the back and finally the front… Irons @ the Ready, Ladies !!!

  2. I will be there in spirit, ironing linens while thinking of poetry, in honor of Carolyn, my fellow Zen Marxist Laundrette.

  3. Hello, Would you have any interest in this old (40s?) General Mills/Betty Crocker iron? It’s looking for a home and I thought perhaps you’d like to incorporate it in some way into your Art Laundry shows. I also have the Tru-Heat Steam Ironing plate that the iron sets on. I’d rather it go to a project like yours rather than donating it at random. Thanks, Stephanie Andersen P. S. I’m a great fan of your posts!

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