Red means stop.  It’s hard to stop.  Mostly we don’t, we soldier on, keep working, keep planning.  But sometimes things just grind to a halt.  When my father died one of my brothers said “Sometimes things just have to stop…”  and that’s the truth.  I am in one of those periods of suspended animation, but am happy to report that this time it does not relate to a death…but to knee replacement surgery…mine.

I had NOT planned to write about it, but if I don’t say something it might look like a mysterious disappearance of some sort…but there was no mystery here.  I reported to the hospital at the alarming hour of 6:00 a.m. on Monday, October 24th, to be prepped for the first surgery of the day.


My Doc only does knees and hips and went on to do 5 such surgeries in one day…and when I saw him that evening, he looked tired…and so did I.  My surgery was two hours, it was routine and successful.  About 4 hours after surgery I  arrived in my room…


and was asked to stand up on my new knee.  It hurt.  The next day I was asked to walk down the hall and back and that REALLY hurt.  I kept on sewing though and finished two place mats…in spite of the ill-placed IV…while R edited the index for the Bunce book…




On Wednesday I was was asked to walk up and down five stairs, and then sent home.


R is an excellent caregiver and has been tending me very nicely.  Friends arrive with frequency bearing meals…



occasional floral tributes…


Some friends have made cards…






or sent cards that reminded them of me and my situation…


and what a nice thing to be thought of…at all, or


in a special way…


In the first few days I “shouldn’t be left alone”???  So Kay came to babysit me when R had a meeting…



and everyday I walk around and around the house on a walker, noticing the house in a new way…


the Christmas cactus is about to bloom…


the quilts are back from the show…


and every time I walked by I’d refold one or two…



I’m healing, I’ve come to a total stop, missed an event or two…



but I can feel that I’m on the mend and someday soon will “restart”.  Waiting for the green light…







  1. It is a rare time to actually stop everything, just to heal. Well done! Loved your show at Chemeketa… and seeing the sweet smile of that robot and his creative get-up… priceless!

    1. Oh Ruth thanks for going to see the show…I’ve so appreciated your notes of encouragement, and you should hear this little robot…he has a robot “voice” that is a hoot!

  2. As you know, I love all your posts, butttt….this was the best, from start to finish. That you can take a painful situation and turn into something beautiful to share. AMAZING!
    My little dog is recouping with you. He had 3 teeth pulled yesterday. I showed him your animal cards and it made him feel better.
    So now we both thank you and hope your up kick’n ass soon!

  3. Bon…. I’ve had both hips replaced but I am told that recovering from knee replacement is MUCH harder. Do I send my love and lots of powerful energy. xxxx

  4. Wonderful and wonderful….and wonderful again!!! It’s grand to know you’re on the mend. Love, Nancy

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