Okay, it wasn’t my favorite week…I’m seeking a way to think about this world, not with much success, and a card arrived that sort of expressed my basic feeling about everything…


…a week in which I allowed my “condition” to let me burrow into things that give me comfort…


But a week in which small words arrived from the outside world…


The day after the election, morose over my soup at lunch, a package arrived from Carolyn…inside were some things that just made me laugh…






and then an anonymous gift arrived…MARY???   ALEESA???


got that?


so it is with great pleasure I announce that this is my “graduation day”…goodbye walker…


I’ve been to REI for my trekking poles and a cane for inside…and let me add this…if you were wondering if sending a card or note to somebody who might need it, if that is worth the bother, snail mail and all, it is.





  1. I know half the people in the U.S. feel as you do about the results of the election. There’s always a winner and a loser in a pres. election (with plenty of people happy or dismayed).

    You have very generous friends, especially the one who sent chocolate!

    Congrats on moving from a walker to a cane. I don’t know if you had hip replacement surgery or what but whatever it was, losing the walker is great progress.

    Winspear is one of my favorite authors. The leaves bring back memories: my mom used to press bright autumn leaves between layers of wax paper, too. No mobile, but always in the window for a few weeks after the trees were bare.

    I hope your dancing days arrive sooner that you expected!

  2. Oh you Kid!!! Off the walker already? You must be doing your exercises devoutly!
    I personally do not care much for squirrels or ORANGE, but yellow is nice and so are the darling squirrel things! Anything for a laugh these days.
    So glad to see you are up for a post. You made my day.
    Keep getting better. xoxo.coco

  3. Glad to hear the metal is gone.
    By the way i have lots of walnut seedlings thanks those critters, if anyone needs walnut trees my yard has the most. Now they are filling up on persimmons. JKJ

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