Studio Addict

The first week of January.  Snow.

In an effort to get the year started right, I’ve been in one studio or another of mine every day.  In both cases I entered into long reveries about studios and how lucky we are who have them…alternate realities really.  They don’t have to be clean and tidy (though they CAN be), they don’t have to have “decor” (though they CAN if you want…)…(my first studio had 16 foot ceilings and no windows, no tables, one chair…you HAVE to have a chair.)

Once you have a studio though, you’ll probably always have to contrive to have one…they are refuges for ideas (or no ideas on some days).  And I like to see other people’s studios, ways of arranging work space and idea space, inspirations and oddments hanging around.  I have two studios…one for 2D, painting and drawing and storing work, one for sewing…

My 2D studio is Studio H at the Studios at the Mill….quiet, serene, all mine.



studio-h-1  studio-h-window



My sewing “cottage” is at home in the back garden…path

…it was formerly my painting studio but I moved things around.  Today when I sat there working away, listening to the freezing rain pelting down, I felt guilty to have so many places to stay warm and dry and work.

So studio appreciation set in…for one thing, check my plywood floor…


…remnants of the 2D days…



some art work lingers…this painting is called “First Snow” from 2009…





…fabric begins to intrude…






and as it begins to get dark I can see the house…and think it might be time to “go home”…





And tomorrow is Monday…on we go…


  1. Like your flooring ,it has a unique design in it. My little sewing room is just a small bedroom turned into “my space”, it’s often a grand mess. I like to sit in that mess.😄

  2. oh bonnie, we admire your studio spaces. so far our home is our studio, although we are trying to ‘get with’ what we call our studio annex downtown salem across from ladd and bush. a portion of the ceiling crashed down onto my workspace there around thanksgiving, and is still under repair. perhaps with luck we too will settle in soon and begin reaping the advantages of a space dedicated only for working on art. hope so.

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