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Over the weekend when I was in the “sewing cottage” I got looking at some weird old Red & White blocks I had put up on the design wall…


and that reminded me of the terrific catalog of the amazingly beautiful show of red and white quilts at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC in March 0f 2011…”Infinite Variety” presented by the American Folk Art Museum…the 653 quilts loaned by the collector Joanna S. Rose.  The show was open free to the public for only six days…March 25-30, 2011.  In 2015 the catalog was published “Red and White Quilts: Infinite Variety”…


Can you even IMAGINE what it must have been like?





and then I got wondering why, in all my wanderings and searchings over the years I had only ever seen one red and white quilt, which I didn’t buy (maybe Mrs. Rose had already bought them all?)

On Monday we went to Etcetera Antiques in Salem, a fixture of a store run for 50 years by Cindy Day who is so very knowledgeable.  We went to pick up a Louis Bunce painting her niece is loaning to the upcoming Louis Bunce shows at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and the Bush Barn Art Center.  Cindy told us the sad news that she is closing her store at the end of February and moving to Portland, opening two stalls at Stars Antiques Mall in Sellwood.  While R and Cindy were talking about paintings I prowled the store.  She is beginning to organize her move and things are chaotic…and on sale.  At the bottom of a stack of stuff on a chair I found…!!?..yep, a very nice red and white quilt…handquilted…in perfect condition with no stains or musty odors…



and when I got home I grabbed the “Infinite Variety” catalog and found the pages relating to this pattern…”Snail’s Trail” or “Indiana Puzzle”??


I folded the “new” quilt and put it on a chair where I stared at it off and on, only hours later realizing it has a wonderful anomaly…can you see it?



Now I’m thinking red and white thoughts again…