The Snail Blog surges into 2017

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Snail Blog lately, a postcard-a-day that arrives from our friend Ellen in Vermont…(card number 2401 arrived yesterday)  This is such a delightful peek into a parallel universe, and Vermont is certainly that…a different life and like any good serial we have come to know the cast of characters…N.N., John and Cynthia, the grands.  The cards are arranged in “series” (she collects old cards with possible future series in mind) and during the Christmas season we had the “Mother and Child” series followed by the “Winter 2017 series”…apropos of Oregon weather at the moment.  Someday I would like to put ALL of these cards up as an installation…a section of a life…So here’s a peek…Ellen is alive and well and reporting in daily…xxoo Mrs. Crockett …



  1. astonishingly awesome & precious. an installation of time. while in san diego in the 80’s we viewed an installation at the museum in la jolla, la jolla contemporary art, of postcards of the ocean (the view repeated & repeated outside the picture window of the gallery) wallpapering the walls of the windowed room like tiles. “snail blog” holds hands with the clock as someone said. it’s adding up, bonnie! it’s going to happen & we’re going to be there!

    1. San: The real issue with these is whether to display the picture side or the message side. I think some of each maybe …we’d respect her privacy on certain comments, but some are hgilarious and wonderful….and the images…well, it might have to be done. It is a remarkable document, no matter what…I will seek the curatorial advice of yoou two when the moment comes…

  2. 2401 cards! This seems an incredible, wonderful, marvelous sustained act! You must surely be credited with inspiring such stick-to-it tive-ness! I’m voting for an installation, Bonnie! It would surely be something grand to see en masse!

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