Carwash Interval

Our car wash has been closed for a whole month.  Our new car was sooooo dirty and today, voila, the car wash was open.  They were closed, it turned out, because they were installing a whole new “system” and it had JUST reopened…OMG…yellow and black instead of blue and black, BLUE soap…it was great.  Before the next art blast, coming soon, I thought we’d have a clean sweep of ideas and grime…no kidding, this was too much fun!!  Check it out:











    1. San I can never get over the fun and, really, the beauty of the car wash…you slowly glide in and BAM…big yellow and black things roll over you and, NOW, blue soap runs down and more yellow on the side…well, I ask you…is it not too much fun? xo

  1. Do you have the fancy EyeSight package on your new Subaru. If so, did you have to press off the collision function to keep your car from making extreme DANGER sounds? Did you tape down the back windshield wiper the way the manual suggests. We have never had our Subaru through a car wash. It scares the suds out of me!


    1. Rex noooo…it made no noise, we didn’t turn off the collision function, we didn’t tape the windshield wiper…we just let it flow Rex, we just let it flow. xo

  2. Love it……………..Print and Frame, and there’s your new “series”…….RH can do a little commentary….and there’s your whole show !! I’ll help w/the cookies !!

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