Fort Day

As the political bad news swirled around, we concentrated more on forts and cats yesterday.  Sidney had been to visit the fire department on the weekend and was imaginatively involved.  The power of the big trucks, the number of axes apparently lying around, the hoses and hats and boots…wow.


During nap time I got out the backyard quilt to do some work and discovered the new cat Harry is a quilt lover…




and after nap time we went straight to fort building…


which included using the quilt I was sewing on as part of “Harry’s fort”…


Phyllis and George had sent along two friends for Sidney…



and then we were off home after a day of calm and laughing, stories and play.  Each Thursday there is more light as we zoom pass the falls heading south.


  1. Hello Bonnie,

    I’ve been running my blog, Creating My Odyssey, for a few months now, but I don’t have a newsletter subscription system. I post new items to all the Facebook groups I’m a member of, and post to my Twitter followers each time.

    I did consider doing a newsletter but found the process of setting one up too complicated, including acquiring a PO box, so decided to keep it simple. How do you run yours? Thank you.

    Jo UK

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