Jackie Johnson

Recently we visited painter Jackie Johnson’s studio in Portland on the occasion of a purchase/donation to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  A generous donor bought one of  Jackie Johnson’s paintings for the museum collection, and on that occasion Jackie offered to donate a painting of hers to go along with the earlier donation.  We hopped in the car with the donor and headed to Portland for a studio visit and a look at what work Jackie has on hand.  I’ve written about Jackie before here and here.

Her house and studio are always fun to visit so the three of us enjoyed trooping down to her studio.

Jackie talked of her New York days when she and her then-husband bought a building in Brooklyn (no doubt the site of a posh condo these days) where the roof was falling in and the plumbing almost non-existent

and of her years as young painter in New York…

here she is during a visit from friend and later gallery owner Laura Russo

She described the work of that time as “difficult”,

and it was…difficult and powerful…

and HUGE.  The Hallie Ford Museum of Art, like most museums, can’t show everything in its collection all the time and storage is at a premium…R was looking for something smaller…but the looking was so much fun…

and we checked some of the show cards out from earlier shows…

and here’s the final choice, soon to arrive in Salem…”Blue Stacks”

We said our goodbyes, grabbed a quick coffee to talk about our visit,

and headed home.


  1. “Blue Stacks” a good choice. Dave & I were fond of it also as well as the smaller, yellow sky-ed zinger shown beside it. Great post. Always fun to see an artist’s studio.

  2. Another revelation from you Bonnie. An artist I should have been aware of but wasn’t. And she spent time in my old hometown. Powerful, inspiring work. Makes me want to be a painter.

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