Jackie Johnson at Laura Russo

Dodging raindrops was not an option yesterday as we headed north to hear Jackie Johnson talk about her new work at the Laura Russo Gallery…it was POURING!

Jackie 4

The show opened last week and runs through March…terrific new paintings and Saturday Jackie was on hand to talk about the work.   Even though as an artist I dislike giving these talks, I find them totally interesting as a viewer, and this talk was no exception.

The crowd began to arrive…

Jackiecrowd begins

Martha Lee (the gallery owner) introduced Jackie, noting that this is the year that is the 30th anniversary of the Laura Russo Gallery and that Jackie has been with them since the beginning…


Jackie spoke about her work, her method of painting (many thin layers of paint), her love of fishing as a release for life’s “little moments”…and her use of many fishing images in her work…and much more.

Jackie speaking

The work seems better than ever to me…quilters pay attention here as I’ve had the idea for a couple of years of making a quilt based on a painting of Jackie’s…options:

Jackie 2Jackie 1

Jackie 5

Jackie 7

Jackie 8

Jackie 9

Jackie 3


  1. gorgeous use of color and shape! and neither of us knew anything about jackie johnson —had never seen her work. your camera does an excellent job of focusing right in on the paint (layers of ‘stain’) and the texture of the canvas. gloom outside. eye popping shapes & colors inside your blog. thanks, bonnie

  2. Oh I do love her works! Colorful and I do indeed see not one but several quilt ideas.,,


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