So What About Blogs?

My blog posts have fallen off (and so have my statistics!)…maybe blogs are going the way of all things in this fast world of ours?  My need to provide a narrative thread for this blog is slipping as I do more and more on Instagram…quick image, one line…done.  The trouble with it is you have to have a smart phone to participate…which makes it kind of a “club”…something to think about. Opinions?

So my blog titles have been pretty generic and inclusive of a bunch of stuff…this one included.  Our weeks seem chopped up, disjointed, not narrative in form.  But, after 3 weeks, we HAVE done a bunch of stuff so here’s a sampling,  June as July roars towards us…

We visited Christy and Laura Wyckoff recently.  Christy is a master print maker, painter, glass artist, retired teacher, and Laura is a writer.  They live in a big old Portland four-square house that they have done interesting things to including removing all walls on the second floor to make a big studio for Christy to work in.

…and Sidney came too…

but “NO PHOTO”

I was chatting with Laura and Sidney and acting overly polite so neglected to get photos of the great wall texture, the nice sitting area, etc…I did get these though, painted by Christy some years ago on plaster fragments on a chimney after seeing all the frescoes in Italy…

Piccolo Park was visited at a rare time when we were the only ones there!?!

We took in Anna Fidler’s show at Charles Hartman Fine Art…

took a lunch break at Pearl Bakery

and saw Angelita Sermon’s paintings and glass at Waterstone…

did a sleep over at Fernridge (Sidney’s house)

and then of course…SUMMER!

Damien Gilley spoke informally about the mural he’s painting in a Salem alley

I taught a drawing class…and they were brave…

It was called “The Habit of Drawing”…week one they came and got a book and I gave them things to think about, they went away with the assignment to “draw every day” and came back a week later to talk about what happened and show the results.  It was fun…

“Do a selfie”

“Do something to the cover if you want…”

and then we headed to the beach to beat the heat…

Here’s my brother Howard’s watercolor of how our beach house might have grown…

Fog banks rolling in as the valley heats up…

Okay July…heading right at you!





  1. Thanks for blogging! I much prefer it to the scattered posts! My favorite is the pics of Damien Gilley’s mural and the drawing class! Have a fun summer 🙂 Ruth >

  2. I still enjoy blogging, and I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get a chance. That’s the hard thing about blogging– taking the time to check out all the other blogs.

    1. Thanks Bill…still love Wonkyworld….but hoping you’ll facebook my favorite photo…you and the golden retriever…I laugh every time I think of it. Coming to Sisters???

  3. Love the blogs…love you. Don’t stop opening up your world to me. I get immense vicarious pleasure out of your view.

  4. Your blogs are delightful! I like taking a walk with you though busy days. Blogging may be getting set on the back burner but I prefer it over Facebook. Not a Facebook fan.

    1. Deb…me either…FB not a fave. Blogging has brought me other worlds…yours different than mine yet I feel a kinship with you born from love of quilts and quilting, family, enjoying our lives…xxoo

  5. dear bonnie, “on the way” is to us, an important document of our/your times and the journey we are making together. you give us a generous view of wondrous things, personal as well as the larger picture…the original art surrounding us in our “native habitat” that we otherwise would not see. “on the way” is one of the most pleasurable communiques we receive. we always look forward to it.

    1. San our worlds are so carefully constructed and inter-dependent…our worlds of art and community. I just love knowing you are out there listening to what I (occasionally) say. xxoo

  6. Dear Bonnie, I most often lurk in the background – enjoying your blog tremendously but seldom replying in public. You have been generous with your time and efforts in maintaining the blog and for that I am very grateful. I find Instagram to be an entirely different experience – it gives the sense of moments – rather than the feeling we have shared your week or month. Far be it from me to infer what you should do but I love starting my days with reading about your adventures.

    Many thanks,

    1. Oh Mags…how I love our odd and wonderful correspondence based on your lovely print years ago now at MLZ…your piece hung low behind the door at Froelich, but so what…you and your daughter with your ironing stories at Art Laundry…blogging has brought me much more than I have given it. xxoo

  7. Please don’t stop blog. I love getting a glimpse of the art world. I love seeing Sydney grow. I love having a connection to a long lost cousin. Love Mary elizabeth

  8. I love your blog, but understand the change of things. Maybe Instagram, instant and blog once in awhile, keeps us posted if we are not on Instagram. I love you take on everything. Thanks so much.

  9. I also enjoy the random wanders through your life and doings. They always seem to be something worth striving for. I would miss it. Instagram seems to be snippets…the visual equivalent of a tweet, no depth, little continuity. And as you said: for the club of smartphoners…I guess one day we’ll all be forced into it, but I’m still holding out against it.

  10. Hi Bonnie – I, for one, love your posts and will keep reading (I need to change my email address to I too write a blog, about our “half life” in Ecuador (sent every couple of weeks) and – readers or not – I consider it valuable to have a record of our life there. Some day I’ll print them all out…. So please keep your stories coming.

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