The 4th of July

Well, America.  All that it means to us…the history, the narrative, the many wonderful people just trying to live a life.  Maybe the fourth of July is when I can put aside the politics and the incessant bad news of NPR and just revel in what I think summer in America is…for me anyway…

Pie for instance…(apple in this case)

sunny and cloudy days at the beach…




traffic (unfortunately)…



the judging of the largest fern contest…

and then a change of gears for me…

off to Sisters tomorrow for quilting, on to Camp Sherman for Art Camp…see you soon!






  1. What a tug at the heartstrings. How lucky we are to live in America, We will be fine. Thanks for reminding us. Love Mary Elizabeth

  2. Oh Mary Elizabeth…what an odd and beautiful place where certain traditions are the same wherever you live in this vast country…Hope your summer is proceeding nicely cuz!

  3. A beautiful entry full of your generous spirit. I would go into withdrawal of major proportions if I thought to never see your lovely blogs again. No pressure though. Love you and your blogs too!!

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