The Trip Part 4: Heading North to Art (and Eventually Scenery)

Heading north from Sierra Vista the day plan was to arrive at the Phoenix Art Museum at noon, have lunch in the nice restaurant there, look at some art and then head on north to Flagstaff with a brief stop in Sedona for supper…and we were spot on, arriving just as the museum doors opened but pausing outside to think of our MANY dinosaur lunches with Sidney…

Museums, for some of us, are oases…cool, interesting and often good food…

and then some art…Yayoi Kusama!?

and we couldn’t get into the SAM to see the Kusama show but LOVED the Firefly room here in Phoenix…totally magical and VERY disorienting…

some my favorites were on view…Cy Twombley

Eric Fischl (“Growing Old in the Company of Women”)

Sean Scully

Louise Nevelson

Some wonderful small pieces in a hallway including Paul Klee and Sophie Tauber-Arp

and because we particularly like regional and WPA art we enjoyed the show of the work of Phillip Curtis who moved to Phoenix and started the Phoenix Art Association which grew into the Museum eventually…”GI, 1944″

“Des Moines, 1939”

“Landscape with Destruction”

“New York City, 1937”


Thomas Hart Benton, “Letter From Overseas, 1943”

Calder “Constellation with Gold Anvil”m reminding me of those clocks from the 1950’s/60’s

Carlos Orozco Romero, 1939

Cornelia Parker, “Mass”

then this road trip favorite from Bestabee Romero, “Endless column” of 2015 of carved tires with gold leaf…

and then a terrific show of photos from the road…

including this one which cracked me up…Ted Orland, “One and a half Dome” from 1975…

so better hit the road to Sedona…we bought a sack of tangerines in Sierra Vista and they became our favorite road snack…

Sedona just before and just after sunset…as the color fades with the light…

Flagstaff after dark…just a pile of shoes….

Tomorrow all scenery as we head to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon…







  1. So glad you added a dinosaur photo, miss those dinosaur dinner photos. The GI painter did great at putting emotion on the fellas face ,and the last photo of the shoes makes me smile.

  2. that dinosaur hugged at our heartstrings too, remembering a little kid feeding his dino pals some of his food. those tires were fab! one day dave and i will have to get to the phoenix art museum! we especially enjoy museums, all museums, but ones with food are the best for lingering visits. btw, my sister was born in phoenix.

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