Road Trip Part 5: SCENERY!

We left Flagstaff and on Holly’s recommendation we headed to the San Francisco Peaks…and the Sunset Crater Volcano, with an archeological site on the road… a road that was rough and not the “graded dirt road” we had been promised, but well worth the trip…and then on to the NORTH RIM of the Grand Canyon…which for me was terrifying and beautiful.  We arrived at Sunset, took a good look the next morning and then headed north to Salt Lake City…just some scenic visuals of this vast, overwhelming and beautiful land of ours…

though the Mormon temple square was filled with impeccably kept “old” (for this area—1850-s) it was the towering elm trees that struck a chord with me.  The town I grew up in was filled with towering elms…many of which succumbed to the Dutch Elm disease epidemic of the 1950’s/60’s.  These trees were injected with an experimental antidote and survived…an overnight at the historic Peery Hotel.

Wow…one more stop…on to Boise!




  1. Hope you had a good sunset at North Rim. The two when we were there were spectacular. Did you have any tiny rodent visitors in your cabin. You two really had a great anniversary adventure!

  2. What a wonderful adventure! Part of my childhood was in Arizona. The Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Sedona and my memories of those places, are held very dear in my heart.I can feel that high, dry air redolent with the scent of ponderosa pines.

  3. Thank’s for the ride. It looked like R was gripping that steering wheel pretty tightly. I love seeing everything through your artists eye. I am constantly amazed at the diversity of our country. In southeast Missouri where I live It is flat as a pancake but 30 miles away there are hills with twisty roads and deep chasms. Glaciers I guess. Keep sending the pictures and the commentary–I love It. Mem

    1. Memsie…I WISH I had a video of the car swaying back and forth on the road around the mountains…over boudlers…we were glad we had an Outback! this was really outback. xo

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