Drawing with the Left Hand

My friend Rex (who prefers to remain AnonyMOuS) told me he was trying to lower his blood pressure by writing a poem with his opposing hand (in his case his right) while taking his BP on his left.  Rex often does things like this…he’s a trickster of sorts.  Anyway I got thinking about drawing with my left hand…could I?  I’m right handed and VERY right handed.  A good experiment I thought, so I began the daily exercise.  I ripped up a bunch of scrap paper and started making the drawings on small scraps of paper, throwing them in a folder for some later date…like today, maybe.  Articles on the internet suggest increased “brain plasticity” and the activation of both sides of the brain for increased creativity…don’t know about that, but I will say I could actually feel my poor brain CREAKING with the effort.

and now Rex and I are collaborating…he sends me one of his small BP poems, and I make a drawing to go with…

and then the hilarious thing…I was at life drawing and doing quick two minute drawings…I hate wasting paper so I do them all on top of each other and I found that I automatically was grabbing a pen with my left hand…you’ll note my writing hasn’t improved at all… ahem…




  1. Bonnie, I think you did wonderful, I find those wayward lines delightful! I’m ambidextrous while handy at times isn’t so much when people start giving directions in left or right. That makes my brain scream.😄 I took a brain test once to see if I did have a dominant side… the test showed I was right down the middle.

  2. Deb: “Brain scream” is the perfect description of how I feel when drawing with my left hand. Thanks for the supportive comments…I was trying to find the test online so I could test HOW right-handed I really am…

  3. Making cookies w/gchild, Maddie, age 6……….told her she was “ambidextrous” when
    she stirred with alternate hands……..Asked her mom, next morning……Mom, are you
    ambidextrous ? Loved look of surprise, on Catharine’s face !!

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