Christmas is Coming…

And we’re ready around here…I got three small trees and thought I’d decorate them with the left over bits and pieces that pile up when you’re making quilts…and two of them look pretty festive…

I never got around to number 3…

but the gifts are all wrapped…

and now there is time to sit by the fire and think of Christmases past, loved ones gone, snow, and to get ready for an energetic Christmas with a certain four year old!  Merry Christmas friends!



  1. where do four year olds get their energy. my Sydney, my four year old great granddaughter, is a dynamo. Christmas is so much fun with little guys around. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new. God bless us everyone. Love Mary Elizabeth

  2. Your trees are looking quite joyful with their festive ribbons of color! A grand idea for sure!
    Merry Christmas Bonnie & Family!

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