2017…The Year of Drawing

I decided at the beginning of 2017 that this would be a year of drawing.  I joined a life drawing group, I had a month-long drawing AIR at Salem Art Association’s Annex, I drew my friends, my family, my food (and WITH my food), my garden, my ideas, jokes, everything.  That was the idea…everything, everyday.  I taught a drawing class, I drew in paint and in books and on tiny scraps of paper, on my lamp shades.  I drew at events, I drew when I was sad, I drew in the car.  I drew with Salem Sketchers.  I drew with my right hand (mostly) and with my left…It was fun…a quick review:   (and BTW for the year ahead I changed the blog format…do give me your feedback “I love it” is acceptable and so is “I hate it”…)…



Okay…I think you get the idea.  For Christmas this year I got very sick and was rendered speechless…but I still made a drawing…

then I tidied up and threw a lot of bad drawings away…

so on we go into 2018…Happy New Year friends!






  1. Just when I think you have done your best blog, you go ahead and make the best one so far. Happy New Year my friend. Next year you will have to draw Poppy.

  2. great work!!! Is that spray can cheddar??!! Love the lampshade and many others…let’s see where this takes you in 2018!

  3. Love your drawings! I’ve always wanted to draw. Took a class from Claudia Zimmerman. I found out that I didn’t love it. So, my dear, I’ll enjoy your work. I want you to draw on one of my lampshades! Happy 2018!

  4. Happy new year Bonnie,

    I so enjoy your drawings. I have tried to find the right words to say how much I admire them: their ease, sensitivity, honesty … They make me feel happy and optimistic and I love the thought of you drawing your way through your adventures. Thank you for that.


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