Christmas Car Wash

I looked back over all the posts I’ve made about Christmas, and discovered to my amazement that I’ve been writing this blog for 10 Years!  One of my favorite Christmas posts was the Christmas carwash…the car wash being a place that always makes me happy (i know, I know, but…) so the other day after errands etc. we flew through the carwash for a photo op and here are my pictures…Merry Christmas all, and by the way there is a search bar on top of my blog home page (the first page you see) and if you type “christmas you’ll get all my Christmas posts since 2007.  (Or cranberries or recipes, or Louis Bunce…whatever.)  XO


  1. Would you therefore say that LACK of carwashing correlates with unhappiness? Might need to look into that….
    : )
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and congrats on your 10 years!

  2. well, I could use some happy-making, so maybe my ol’ car will get a wash. Hope it doesn’t die of shock!
    Happy New Year – looking forward to reading of your further adventures in life, quilting, art, and other good things.

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