Some years, around my birthday, I’m cut free from my moorings…just floating.  The new year direction hasn’t kicked in…it isn’t orderly yet, anything could happen.  So I review the messages…

Clean the studio…

review the day:

look at completed work:

"SE Corner"

start something new…

on line shopping??  (new lights)

visit friends…

(Kay Worthington’s “anatomy of an Illness”)

help celebrate somebody else’s birthday, (and I DO mean celebrate)

enjoy that SPRING IS HERE…

okay…I think I’ve hit the dock…off and running…





  1. Dear Bonnie, You sure do know how to celebrate a birthday, Here’s to many more. Love Mary Elizabeth xoxo

  2. bonnie, so many good moments but not least, dan looking great! what do you think about your new light? we too need light. ‘the south east corner’ is out of the ballpark! thank you for sharing your take as we are all ‘on the way’. our fav read.

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