Corrine Loomis Dietz

Corrie Loomis Dietz has worked hard at her job as a rep for Golden Acrylic Paint, and at her studio practice.  She was a photographer, has done work with photo transfer and portraits, and lots of experimental work with paint, with her work moving more toward abstraction the last few years.  She understands community and frequently brings artists together (“Drink and Draw”) in her studio.  At long last, in November of 2017 after twenty years with Golden, she was offered a two week residency near Golden’s plant and offices in upstate New York.  Recently Elizabeth and I visited Corrie in her Salem studio to see the body of work she made while in residence…and it’s very nice work.

I’ve known Corrie a long time most especially with Project Space since 2009…


here she is a few weeks ago showing us her work…

I asked her for some photos of the time at the residency and she responded with these beautiful photos of a place that allowed her to focus only on her own work for the first time in a long time…

She worked here…

Here are some of the very nice paintings she brought back from her time away:

She hasn’t shown the work yet, but it will be gorgeous show.  Thanks Golden Paint for this gift of time for a working artist.



  1. There’s nothing better than the gift of time…especially uninterrupted time in a lovely setting.
    Congratulations Connie! Good wishes, Nancy

  2. This is exciting new work Corrie! I love seeing the connections in your work to the beautiful setting and your workspace. Thanks Bonnie for putting it together this way!

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