Spring Quilt Season

I was looking at the quilts I’ve been working on since January and they look a bit, well… bland..            

so I think I need to get some color into the spring work…red and white maybe?



or maybe revisit the nine-patches from our fall vacation?

and then which rescue to go for next, once the bow-ties are done…

Any opinions, readers??

In the meantime, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom…

Sidney continues to delight us…





  1. LOVE the herringbone log cabin! Would love to see it when you have worked your magic on it. So enjoy the blog, I rarely comment but I always read it. Thanks for great insight and delighting us with Sidney!

  2. If you want spring … for the rescue than the yellow monkey wrench top, for the other spring top use all bright and cheerful fabrics in a delightful quilt,either using a traditional pattern or just making up your own! I believe Sidney is enjoying the new art of biking!😀

    1. Deb you know the worst part of rescues is trying to find the right backing…I’m on the hunt for something to go with the yellow and white. When I bought this top I also bought it’s twin which was already quilted with white backing, but I want something more alarming…:-) xo

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