Living in the Summer Moment…

Well we’re ALL trying to “live in the moment”…to “lessen our screen time”…to enjoy our lives as we live them…yes?  Yes.  That precludes writing about these moments, but I continue to gather the images as if I WERE writing about them, and now I’m way behind.  So how about trying to catch up with just the images…kind of a serial Instagram?  We set up for summer, went to White Salmon, WA, for George’s birthday, we hung out with Sidney (see if you can see the big announcement!), Roger had his portrait painted by Erik Sandgren, we looked at art and made art and wrote things and celebrated birthdays and mourned losses, and then the fourth of July, the heart of the summer.   And that’s where we are…the heart of the summer.  Stay cool friends.








    1. Lisa…yep, baby girl coming early December. She’ll be born in St. Croix (her dad will be working for FEMA for 18 months) without her grandparents in attendance, but I suspect she’ll survive that…will we though? xo

  1. Best post….EVER!!! Loved every image. The Sandgren portrait is exquisite! Thank you Bonnie. You bring joy and love to these troubled times! xoxo

  2. Oh sweet Bonnie! this post is marvelous and I’m so grateful to see it! Every image is wonderful and I loved seeing big boy Sidney getting to make the big reveal!
    I have been out of touch due to major computer problems, server problems and my ridiculous aol account. I’m trying to change everything to gmail and am so relieved to finally find that all your posts seem to be waiting for me to indulge my craving for your communications! Love to you Two and congratulations on your glorious news: your December Grand Daughter!

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