Sidney Day

95 degrees here today friends.  Yikes.  We picked up Sidney at day camp and headed to the Singer Hill Cafe for lunch

where Sidney and I did some “Maze” drawings…me following him…

and after lunch a quick story (the book available was called “Bad Habits” which Sidney pronounced “enjoyable”…

before heading across the street where the public library has the most brilliant fountain I’ve ever seen…timed to go off with a push button kids can control…

and then home for, at least, bunny to nap…

then we headed to Laughing Planet to meet Mom for dinner…

and had a little “Face Time” with Dad who is in Texas for a while…

Home to Salem for a quick gelato and then to bed…staying cool is possible…


  1. Sounds like our temps here in Ga! Those fountains do look like fun! Wonder if bunny had a headache after sleeping that way for a bit?!😁 great to see Sidney,he’s sure is growing up.

  2. Hi, Bonnie! I was in your Improv class at the classroom near your studio a couple of years ago, and I just finished it! I love it and would like to send you a photo, if you could tell me how to do that.

    I had it long-arm quilted, and was so pleased with the end result, bright and cheerful. It may end up as a gift for a great niece, but I’m not sure I can let it go!



    p.s. and congratulations on the new grandchild-to-be!


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