Everything, Everything

Years ago I made a little painting (now in the collection of the Salem Public Library) called “Everything, Everything”…all the thoughts, all the feelings, all the activity of a life.  And now in this season of my own life I guess that’s the way I think.  The categories are loosening, the sense of the whole becoming stronger.  It works pretty well except when it comes to blog writing…how to write a post neatly categorized as “Art,” “Family,” “around the city,” “coffee time,” “birthday,” “quilts,” and make it one seamless stream?  Not possible but since I’ve come to enjoy this blog as a journal of sorts (no intimate details revealed, usually) everything, everything it is.  I will say though, one of the nicest things about all these books and shows R has made over the years is that the artists and their families have scooped us in, nicely increasing our own quotient of loved ones.

Birthday season continued for R with a walk-through George Johanson’s show at Augen Gallery on the penultimate day (R’s actual birthday) followed by lunch with George and Aaron…

the paintings and prints and drawings were beautiful…several from the 1950’s, including Two Figures of 1959

several from 2018

followed by lunch with George and Aaron

during which R’s new book on Portland painter Lucinda Parker (“Lucinda Parker: Force Fields”…the exhibition opens at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art January 19th, 2018) was revealed.  Lucinda was a student and later a colleague of George’s, and Aaron took many of the excellent photos in the book…

then back to Fernridge for more cake and celebration and talk by the fire of the imminent arrival of Vivien Grace…

next morning at a cheery breakfast it was the first day of Advent…(which in this case means chocolate…)

and then off to the beach for yet another birthday moment…this with David whose birthday is December 2…

fatigue kept us from returning to Portland for Henk Pander’s birthday, and then there was the need to husband energy for the week ahead, gearing up for the Historic District open house required early decorating…AND, as luck would have it, meeting up with Vivien Grace who arrived Monday!  A beautiful baby, a delight, a calm presence and a nicely seasonal arrival…

Little sister to the precocious five year old Sidney, who visited galleries with us…

and did some drawing at Starbuck’s when we stopped for a coffee…

and came along when we visited Cindy to drop off a carton of books about her (It’s handsome, you’ll need a copy)


and see her new work…fascinating as usual…forceful, energetic…

(I’m kind of partial to this one…)

and then finally back through the city…

for a last snuggle…

before heading home to unearth Christmas from the boxes…

Preview of coming attractions:  will Roger and Jennifer reenact this scene from their childhood at Christmas…??

Bonus photo:  R at 15 (He doesn’t care for this photo but I totally love it…)













  1. I love your everything post! I love the paintings,the Sidney times,and special moments in your life,as I come to the end of the post , I feel the love,engery and warmth that you have for your friends and family and I’m blessed.😊 Vivien is beautiful ,and ALL that hair🥰 ….Congratulations,Grandma!🥳

  2. I feel the tenderness, love of family and beauty in your posts. Thank you Bonnie. Very enjoyable.
    Have a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year.

  3. Warm warm (though raiiny t oday) congratulations on Vivian’s safe arrival. Yes: hair enough for a lifetime!! word of safe landiings really appreciated. And do not worry about synthesis of stories, Bonnie. You are living them. That’s what matters. Congratulations to all of you, and mostly to that baby who won her struggle to enter our world. May she thrive~ Ginny

    1. Gin Gin…The little narratives are sometimes the best?…movies and novels where not that much really happens but where you have a feeling for the people and the connections between people? Something to aspire to…xo

  4. Congratulations Bonnie on your sweet granddaughter!
    And congratulations to Roger on his new book on Lucinda Parker.
    I look forward to seeing the show. Where are the books available?
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Hi Jean…thanks for coming down to Open Studiio! The book is available at Russo-Lee Gallery at 21st and Johnson NW, who represent Lucinda and where she’ll be showing the paintings in this blog in February, concurrent with the retrospective at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Merry Christmas to you. xo

  5. Eileen…here’s to another year of creative work ahead…I delight in your collages and always wonder how you can do creative work all day and then your own creative work in your own time. Perseverance is all! Have a good holiday. xo

  6. I love everything about your blog, and look forward to each and every posting. Congratulations on the birth of Vivien Grace! She is lovely! Peace, joy, and love to you for the holiday season and new year.

  7. This is, as is your usual, another wonderful post!! So glad you included everything, everything! I, too, love that photo of the 15 year old Roger! I feel I know that boy! I had a trio of 15 year old boys, one at a time. I loved them each in their sometimes very challenging ‘becoming’ moments. Sidney will follow, then your marvelous little Granddaughter will move through her life under your glad gaze.

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