Starting Up

Thursday was “Sidney Day” which has now become “Sidney and Vivien day” since Vivien joined the group on December 3.  When Sidney thought about a baby coming last summer it looked like this…

which in reality isn’t too far off the way it is playing out…

The event of being born is the same as always it was and then waking up, eating as much as possible, sleeping…

but they have made amazing strides in the equipment line in the last 40+ years …wraps and snuggles and special pillows that are like nests…all pretty cool, but still, brothers and grandfathers are good too…

she’s on her way, Miss Vivien Grace!  Merry Christmas friends!


  1. Did Vivian get her own knitted bunny? Love the new photos with more of her personality showing and I like the way Sidney looks with her.

  2. I still see this, now looking at it again tonight, as one of the most perfect Christmas postings I’ve seen! Ginny

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