The Perfect Christmas

Today is a quiet day with no shopping or wrapping or cooking…a day to think about how nice it was to be with our family for Christmas and sit by the fire, share a meal.   Christmas Eve was the start of the fiesta…

Gifts were not the central event for most of us (except maybe Sidney who had to wait to open presents on Christmas morning until after breakfast…so he made a fort out of his presents while he was waiting…)

But the moment finally came…

and then the admiring Vivien moments…

cooking the Roger Hull green beans

heading to Doug’s where Vivien was further admired…

Sidney made friends with Roscoe and colored

Ashton colored…

there were books

DESSERTS!! (Emma’s tiramisu and Fanny’s cheesecake)

dessert by the fire and just enjoying the cozy moment…

Favorite gift was Sidney’s beautiful nest in the rocks…

and then…we just had to…the re-enactment

and today back home for chicken soup … for recuperation….


  1. So many wonderful moments! The stone bird sculpture is fantastic.😍 the re-enactment brought on a chuckle.😄 the dessert a drool…

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