Kyle Cook at the Helzer Gallery

You still have 10 days to go see Seattle painter Kyle Cook’s show ( at the Helzer Gallery at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus, gallery hours 9-5:30 M-F…up until February 22, 2019.  The paintings are handsome with a map-like quality which hovers between landscape and abstraction. Bits of the road are embedded in the surfaces with rubber and reflective road paint which oddly adds to their delicacy.  They’re big…Here’s “Estuary” from 2018

“New Storms 2”

“New Storms 1”

this one “Flung Salt and Flash” from  2017, I particularly liked…oil on galvanized metal and full of energy

I met Kyle a few years ago when he and his wife painter Melissa Dold moved into a house across the street from my brother in Seattle.  They were remodeling and adding a big new studio (each has their own level in the two-story structure) and had just put in this circular stair…the space was designed and built by Seattle firm Atelier Drome which not only has nice images of the studio on their website, but also images of Kyle at work on a piece from the Helzer Gallery show…

It’s worth a trek out to PCC Rock Creek…the Gallery is in Building 3 at the far end of the campus…better go take a look.



  1. These are absolutely fabulous works!! Has he shown elsewhere in Oregon…meaning Portland? I’m still not feeling too perky from the stuff that everyone else has had. So no sure that I will make such a journey in this weather. But stunning stuff! Thanks!

  2. Dear Bonnie:

    Again, I love this blog submission. I hope Mary and JB will be able to attend Kyle Cook’s exhibit —although I’m sure they will IF they can plow out from under the snow.

    Your entries educate as well as delight me. For instance, you observed that in one of Cook’s Works “bits of the road are embedded in the surfaces with rubber and reflective road paint which oddly adds to their delicacy.” This gives me a tool for analysis and appreciation, since (to my shame) mine are untrained eyes (and mine is a sluggish sensibility).

    Love to you, Bonnie, and to Roger.

    Lisa ________________________________

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