Life is complex.  Complexity compounds upon itself when technology comes into play…you know the story: you get a new router and then your printer doesn’t work and the old range extender doesn’t work so you have to buy NEW extenders which, of course, won’t sync with the wifi…arggghhh (thanks for the help Robert).  So Thursday it was beyond lovely to watch a five year old with a small vial of soap bubbles.  Exploration (“what makes these bubbles Nana?), investigation, fun, good humor, play…

Thanks Nan.


  1. Ah, yes, and blowing bubbles never ceases o cause a ripple of delight, no matter your age.
    What a tonic in he world of techie, high techie, and totally confused non-techie. Just blow bubbles. I love it! Ginny

  2. Beautiful photos dear Bonnie. As usual. Perhaps blowing bubbles is a universal delight? At least a visual antidote to tech of various complexity. (and detestability) Deep breath in. Breathe out. Repeat endlessly. Especially with young enthusiast!

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