Sidney and Vivien Depart

Our grandson Sidney has been a character in this narrative for the last five years as we watched him grow from a baby cutie to an articulate five year old.  Each Thursday for most of those years the three of us visited parks and galleries and the kitchens of friends, we talked and shopped and sang and laughed and made up a few stories and worked puzzles, we drew pictures, made forts, read stories.  The week after my BIG birthday Sidney and his Mom and baby sister left to join Zach in St.Croix, USVI.  As the house was sorted and packed up to rent we helped by coming 3 days the last week to “hang out” with Sidney…it looked like this:

and then came the last day…along the river…

and before we knew it they were in St.Croix on an adventure!





  1. Teary eyed here….It has been such an incredible journey watching him grow. Guess you and Roger will just have to head east young woman! I have heard wonderful things about the Island. And they have a swimming pool!!! It will be so much fun. I can hardly wait! xoxo

  2. I love that you ended your blog with adorable photos of both of them looking very happy. I know you and Roger are going to miss them but look forward to lots of photos. You and Roger are terrific grandparents. February will be here before you know it.

  3. You were so blessed to have Sidney close by. St. Croix will be a wonderful place to visit and maybe have an extended stay. Vivien is a darling. is this an indefinite duration?

    All going well for your art shows?


  4. Our coffee meeting offered an in-person introduction to this moving story, Bonnie.
    Sidney is, indeed, an articulate observer of lizards these days. You and Roger guided him into the realm of looking closely and joyfully at art always in abundance in your world.

  5. This is a beautiful and, in my opinion, brave post. It is full of love & consciousness of an era passing, presented in images of just another sweet routine day with Sidney. February will come. You will see those beloveds again. You will be busy with your show. It still will feel too long… or perhaps I’m projecting.
    You will continue to produce your beautiful lives together. No one does it better than you. Much much love to you both.

  6. This made me teary as well. It’s not the same as having them near but I love the new way you have of communicating with them: Marco Polo, your stories you are writing and illustrating plus future visits will keep you close. Love to you and Grandfather Roger!

  7. heartbreaking separation. perhaps skype or better yet, facetime? a sunday chat on facetime while they are away might turn out to be a new way to be connected. sydney, such an inquisitive child, might find the shared digital time intriguing and you could see little vivien changing which, as it is, is a terrible loss.

  8. Oh Bonnie, you are going to miss them for sure! Thankful now there’s modern tech that keeps one in touch with loved ones better than years ago. Enjoyed your photos of a busy boy and a fast growing young lady.

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