“Little Me”

Beginning May 13th and running until July 19th, I will have a solo exhibition of paintings (plus two quilts) at the Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University in Newberg.  Always anecdotal, my work of the last two years has been defined by memory and image.  All the ingredients of the work I’ve been making all of my life are here: narrative, pattern and texture, the drawn line. I became interested in the very way memories occur: a major memory leads to smaller incidental memories and glimpses of a memory, maybe, a fleeting image. I include several “installation” pieces with their own “satellites” of remembered images.  The quilts relate to the paintings…

In November and December of 2015, Kay Worthington and I had a quilt exhibition at the Minthorne Gallery called “Conversation”…arranged by then Exhibition Director artist Tim Timmerman.  That year his work-study student was a freshman named Sarah Rosella Cuevas who helped us and was a delight to work with…

Over these four years I’ve delighted in following Sarah’s work on Instagram and she is now a graduating senior with an art major and an arts administration emphasis.  She was tasked with presenting an exhibition in the Minthorne Gallery as her final project (as well as mounting a show of her own work opening April 23rd in the Lindgren Gallery at the University), and asked me if I would be willing to show my work!  YES!  So as Sarah prepares to exhibit her work, so I have a growing stack of my own work.

Though the bulk of this work has been completed in the last two years, I have included a few older pieces in the “satellites.”  This piece dates from the mid 1970’s when I was a young mother making work on top of the washer and dryer instead of in a studio, and I think relates to my interest in fabric (this is lint and paint) and to the way I work…

Though there is no formal opening (school is out by then) I plan to be in the gallery on May 13th from 11 to 2.  If you think you want to see the exhibit another time, AND me, get in touch.


  1. Gene and I saw your show today. We really loved it. We were able to spend a good amount of time in the gallery absorbing the work, pointing out our favorites, etc. It was great. So glad we were able to see it.
    Also thanks for the info on the Stahl and Rodriguez exhibitions, which look very interesting. Hoping to get there next month.

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