Clearing the Air

Now that the long winter and wet early spring are behind us, it’s good to raise the spirits.  Sad things piled up over here…our son and daughter-in-law and grand kids took off for a couple of years far away, a good friend died leaving an unfill-able space, maybe a health issue or two…one does adjust as one must.  So of course when MY spirits need raising it’s car wash time…



and here’s the deal…it ALWAYS works for me.

Though if the car-wash somehow is lack-luster on a particular day, there’s the possible choice of garden-retail -therapy

and the garden itself…

and this time of year, the tree peony…

with the work needed to make it nice like getting rid of the bluebells and the dreaded lesser celandine.

The umbrella is up

the porch plants are out of the basement

and the “staring season” has begun

here on Islandsalem.







  1. Perfect solution for the down spirits,having family leave is tough! Here’s a hug 🤗 The peony tree is gorgeous!

  2. Your garden looks lovely, Bonnie. No wonder you and Roger consider it your haven. I’m sorry you lost a good friend.

  3. Staring Season is my absolute favorite. It became my favorite at an early age, when i discovered they put those big windows in the classroom so one could watch the clouds!
    Your garden is a thing of inspiration. Lovely.
    Thanks for the maps….i still look for Dan every time i drive thru town.

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