The Dinner Challenge

Again this year a Portland friend sent out this fun dinner challenge invitation…

“You have been randomly selected to participate in my summer dinner challenge.  I will cook for  5 nights in a row…Tuesday August 27-Saturday August 31 for any number of people as long as they RSVP .

My Rules:

1.   I will not go to a store for the whole week starting now.

2.   I will use only ingredients on hand with at least 3 from my freezer or canning shelves.

3.   I will not repeat a menu

4.   I will have no leftovers. ( You may bring your own carry out container just in case I have overdone.)

5.  I will not let you know who else is coming . ( You may invite others as long as you all RSVP )

6.    Guests must RSVP and bring nothing other than a beverage.”

Tonight we were 15, most of whom we didn’t know but the company was good and the food was wonderful. A beef stew from the freezer and some rice, plus some fresh from the garden delicacies…

a pear galette

Pretty fun idea, no? And particularly nice after a day that began with physical therapy…tomorrow her guest list is only 7 and she wouldn’t divulge the menu, but we ate everything on the table tonight!

coffee break

And so the summer ends…95 degrees today…family reunion for Labor Day, then back to the studio.


  1. Here are my solemn promises:

    1. In the next week ( make that the next three days) I will order take-out no more tan two times. Three at the most.

    2. In the next three days I will eliminate from my menu all sugar, cholesterol, methane, and animal derivatives. Also anything no -Kosher, fattening, or celiac-inductive.

    3. In the next three days I will demonstrate admirable flexibility and independence of thought by disregarding I’ll- thought- through maxims.


    I am attempting to modify Jeff’s diet, however, to increase the number of hours he stays awake.

    Love to you and Roger,

    Sent from my iPad

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