These last few weeks I’ve been dropping in. Sometimes I was delivering dishes from my “transfer ware give-away,” or checking in to see how the dishes look in place, maybe seeing an art exhibit or looking at beautiful Japanese fabric…various. This has meant some pleasant conversation and lots of great visuals. Instead of a tight narrative I’ll just share some things I’ve been looking at…it began with posting on FB some dishes I was giving away in the wake of the floor refinishing project…and there were lots of takers.

A plate I thought might be useful to Julie
Julie’s response
Shirley’s plate “Melrose”
lunch at Shirley’s “hideaway” studio
Ann Kresge at the Corvallis Art Center
Jennifer Salzman at the Corvallis Art Center
Karen’s collection of Japanese fabric from her three years in Japan in the ’80’s
and the tomatoes from Karen’s garden made great sauce
Eva’s new workplace in Portland
Eva’s painting
R’s poetic moment imagining the riverbeds and fields and beaches that supplied all these stones to pavers back in the 1920’s for 35th Street NE
At Tom’s
heading home past the Fair-haired Dumbbell…(I think I can’t drive by without snapping a picture)

and there you go…that’s what I’ve been up to…this week getting ready for the BIG celebration…


  1. The Big Anniversary…and of course you must share.
    Can’t wait.
    Lovely dishes, lovely pictures, lovely thoughts.
    Enjoy them as always.

  2. Lovely trip, Bonnnie. I esp. responded to the Japanese fabrics from the 2 years your friend spent in Japan. Beautiful. Ginny

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