It absolutely is true…50 years ago on September 20, 1969, Roger Hull and Bonnie Decker got married in Wilmette, Illinois… and I can’t find the wedding pictures anywhere…so I started looking at other photos of us through the years. We’ve always had fun. We have had somber and sad moments like all lives have, but mostly we’ve been interested in each other’s work and have shared a keen enjoyment of looking at things and being together. In honor of those 50 years here are some highlights:

England, 1980
(Note my Duomo hat…)
Cortona exhaustion
Umbrian moment
…hats are important…
cruise control
…on we go…


  1. Lots of happy years and experiences! So blessed to be a small part of it for over 30 of them…from Florence, Italy to Northeast Salem, to Siletz Bay homes we’ve shared some great and often hilarious times! Happy happy golden anniversary friends! May your 50th day and year be filled with warm remembrances, and future magic moments!

  2. Congratulations! Loved the photos and the changes through time. What panache! Happy Anniversary to you both. 🥂

    nicholsloystudio sent from iphone


  3. How to acknowledge and celebrate FIFTY??? Good question, but your photos do tell a touching, funny, happy story, and thank you for that. Warm congratulations for long term survival, Bonnie! And Roger. My poetic glands are non functional but my cheering glands fully operative, so HURRAY for you both!! love, ginny

  4. Hurray to you both!! Such resiliency, intellectual rigor, observational skills, good humor, and pure joy!! CONGRATULATIONS! You certainly chose wisely…..

    Love and admiration, Nancy

  5. Dear Bonnie:

    Aaah, the passage of the years—yet looking at you and Roger, over five decades, is glorious: You both remain beautiful, obviously still enamored with one-another, still enjoying lives rich with friends and trips and art and exhibits and other assorted, but multiple, pleasures (like your shiny brand new floors).

    I shall soon be sending you my own Book of Jeff, featuring my husband in various scenes of repose.

    Love to you and Roger,


    Aren’t you glad you married Roger, Bonnie, and not Dick.


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  6. Dearest Bonnie & Roger, weddings photos would have been good, I’m sure, but what a fantastic flash- forward trip through 50 years of your lives together! Thank you so much sharing these photos. Those two little delicious, delightful kiddos way back when, are a couple I would recognize anywhere, always.
    Loved this post so much. (John & I were married September 20-something, in ’64)

  7. Such great fun, life, especially when you’re together. Fun to “date” the pictures by “the way we were”. Hugs and congrats to you both. Jo

  8. To think I met you just short of 50 years ago! Every moment with both of you has been pure joy. You are two of the best people I have ever known. Much love.

  9. Congratulations Bonnie and Roger on an amazing milestone…and (now that we are in December), Happy Holidays! As for me, I marvel that it has been 40 years since London. I think of you both very often – sending much love and best wishes for 2020

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