The Mystery of the Unknown Egg

When the wizard found the keys

He discovered messages were on the back

But he still had to figure out where to find the magic egg and the treasure. Luckily he was a MAGIC wizard and he followed the clues…

It wasn’t easy but he did it!

Inside the magic egg was the bolt and the screw. These magic elements helped him track down the prize…the baby fire dragon…and then on to the “glory”…

Using his magic amulet the wizard pressed on…searching for the dark wizard….


  1. WOW!!! I am guessing you have guests for Christmas! Love the mystery and the young wizard….gads, he is growing so fast. Wishing you and yours the Jolliest of Holidays!!!

  2. How wonderfully, magically clever of the Good Wizardess! Without whom, not nearly enough magic would happen! How fun for you all!

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