The Mystery of the Unknown Egg, Chapter Two…

The dark wizard snuck into the house one night and attacked the giant egg

Luckily Reardo the frog was nearby and could leap into action…


Reardo and his assistant Lucy quickly decided to send the baby dragon away to safety

And everyone in Trayville was so glad to see him…YAY!

Mr. Little came to feed the animals in Trayville and he found the magic key that had been missing…

To be continued…



  1. This is so charming! Thank goodness the creatures are all so cooperative & caring for one another. And finally the missing key has been found! What relief indeed!
    Thank you for this happy, wonderfully illustrated tale.
    Perfect Christmas time story.

  2. Bonnie, your quilts are exquisite. To think I’m related— if only by marriage— to such an awesome artist.

    Lisa h

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