“Oh This Life We Live”

Here’s a drawing I made this week at the Annex at Salem Art Associations Bush Barn Art Center, where I was

Artist in Residence for the last three weeks.  My residency was to continue until March 31st but with “social distancing” now in play, and being in the at-risk age group, I packed up today…

and headed home.  The Salem Art Association has been good to me over the years…this was the third time I have had the opportunity to use the Annex for a project (many thanks Kathy Dinges).  I had fun setting up my stuff in the Annex to use the space to sort my 25 years of drawing books for my exhibit (“Memory as Myth”) at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art May 9-August 9th this year (fingers crossed on that one).

I had lots of visitors…but this one was the cutest…

…and I had tons of fun reviewing old drawings like all these I made of a life-drawing model named Sydney

And then these that were part of a drawing conversation I had with my brother How…

and speaking of brothers…here a link to my brother Doug’s blog post about the 1918 flu in Portland…a good read…

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep in touch.






  1. Really enjoyed this posting, Bonnie. Especially the star of it:– a blue eyed wonder.Relieved you are packing up as most of us are, one way or another. Distance from others is anything but your specialty, but through lines and squares and texture and color you will find ways to join lives and integrate meaning. into your daily rounds.. BRAVO! ginny

    1. Ginny what a nice comment. I am a bit of a hugger so the “elbow bump” is kind of a downer…but those of us with creative work seem to just keep cranking, no? xo

  2. Always good to hear/see what you’re doing. Sorry you had to head for cover with the rest of us. We’ll all hope to see you on display in May.

  3. It sounds like you had a great three weeks, I am sorry you had to cut your residency short. I never even got to pop in and say hello, but you were prudent in packing up and heading home early.

    1. Since nobody came there much it seemed like a quandry, but I was guessing they’d have to close anyway…and I LIKE having them on the dining room table!

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