Back in Business

Hello friends, readers…do I still have any readers I wonder?  My last blog post published in December took me 3 hours to compose…my computer was grinding to a halt.  What to do.  New computer for $2400?  Fix this one….is that even possible?

I began to research by reading, contacting an IT friend, emailing my nephew, messaging an Instagram friend who had replaced the drive HERSELF (!).   SSD versus failing fusion drive?  I found Brant Walsh, the Macguy, and he made a house call.  It was decided he would install a “solid state drive” in my 2013 Mac replacing the failing fusion drive, and we’d keep our fingers crossed that it would work.  First though, he had to download all my “stuff” (technical term, I’m sure).  I have (ahem) quite a few photos and, well, it took 26 hours for the download…after which Brant arrived and put the new SSD in my Mac.  Now It is smokin’ hot!!  Here’s what the whole process looked like, and I’ll check my stats to see if anybody even looks at this anymore…if yes I have a lot of new posts to make…I await feedback…




  1. Oh yea! You are back! And this post gave me hope that my s…l…o…w… pc might be able to be revived! I will get on that this week!

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  2. Of Course we are still here!!! Love the way you communicate life. Cheers for rehabbing instead of buying the whole new model.

  3. Better your posts than the ones the dentist has offered to install in my mouth for $5,000! Glad you’re back in business.

  4. Sure glad you are up and running again! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.😉 I’ve missed those art photos!

  5. We are duly impressed, Bon. In fact, it’s a miracle. These machines die much too soon. Happy to have one of our most upbeat subscriptions back up and running! We need it!

  6. Love the fact your Mac guy is wearing a Tesla jacket…hmmm. We too had to bite the bullet and “upgrade”. Microsoft quit supporting Windows 7 so we had to make the leap to 10, and replace the equally aged computer and its software. Still learning new interfaces and new versions of old programs, and trying to figure out why my go-to photo editing software keeps crashing. Cant imagine that has any connection with my recent interest in analog film photography 😉. Meanwhile, welcome back, and we trust you’ve got scads of fabulous new work to share, or at least photos of Roger gazing into the backyard with hopes of Spring!

  7. What a giant project. I am so glad you seem to have it all settled. I do look at your blog all the time. Helen B.

  8. Your faithful reader enjoys each missive, each photo, and each creative idea. Your techno helper is a saint! Thanks so for all your energy which is thoroughly appreciated. Onward upward. JBC

  9. YES YES YES, a million times YES! Welcome back Bonnie dear….your musical writings and top notch photos have been indeed missed! Oh the wonderful places you take your readers…..

  10. Hi Bonnie – I’m so glad to see this news. I was wondering what was happening with your iMac. After I replaced the SSD in mine, it is SO smokin’ fast now! It’s like a new computer. I don’t know if Brant Walsh agrees, but the hardest part is getting all the old glue off the monitor and then getting the monitor glued back on! And yes, I always read your blog, I love it.

    1. Cyndie you were my inspiration girl. What an amazing difference, Brant said mine was harder due to the tapering edges but wow, it IS like a new computer. It’s been struggling for a year but…phew! Thanks for the advice!!

    1. ALL Mac users need a MAC guy. Roger got his iPhone fixed this year and I think the lesson is that even though Apple tells us to just get a new one…no.

  11. Bonnie, I always read your posts. You are a wonderful writer and make everyday occurrences interesting and inspiring. Keep posting your blog, please. (BTW, John replaced my hard drive in my 2012 laptop and I’m doing all I need to do with it. It feels right to repair rather than replace.)

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