Less is not exactly more…

I was thinking of my Mom today.  Her last years were spent in the assisted living section of a local retirement home, and this crisis today would have been very hard for her (no visitors) and us (“are they really taking all precautions??”)  A friend of mine has taken her Mom OUT of assisted living this week and brought her home for two weeks…could I have done that?

Today’s drawing was of a tiny disaster…I forgot to put water in the vase of ranunculas I bought Friday to cheer myself up…

And today was the first day that R’s exercise class went on ZOOM…

A light lunch…

followd by a drive in the sunny countryside and a long walk through the garden of friends and a glass of wine.  The hostess had prepared separate plates and cheese knives so each of us could put a bit of brie on our apples without touching a “common” knife.  The things we now have to think about are numerous.  We did NOT hug upon leaving…

they recently hard some trees removed for the view but they left the beautiful white oak…

Stay well, keep in touch.




  1. Glad to have you blogging again. My challenge of the day is on the Facebook post I did this noon.

  2. At 95 my mom has never been isolated….this is very hard on her. She sounds so fearful, “No one is coming to see me.” With nine of us, somebody visits everyday, but it is not the same as people in and out all day long. My day is tomorrow, if they will still be allowing visitors at the Mt Angel Towers. Love the you are staying in touch!!! We need you. xoxo

  3. I do feel so sorry for those that are isolated from loved ones! If your mom needed you ,you would have been there for her,I’m sure…That last photo looking out over the valley is beautiful.

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