Socially Distant Drawing

Before we got to the drawing part of the day though, we did an early run to the Safeway and discovered all we had been reading was true…there is NO toilet paper…c’mon people!

There was also NO flour or prepackaged dinners but plenty of most anything else and LOTS of fruits and vegetables…we were shopping for a few ingredients for a birthday poppy seed cake because the birthdays keep rolling on…we hope…


Good news department:  remember yesterday’s drawing of the wilted flowers?  They’ve revived!

After lunch I headed out to Bush Park where Katy and Lucy and I were going to meet up for some socially distanced drawing.

Lucy thought we needed a Corona beer so risking ejection from the park, we imbibed.

I love these guys…

Nancy arrived after shutting down her 6 bars and restaurants for 8 weeks or so and laying off all employees and cleaning out the walk-ins.  What a sad time.

time for dinner and garden thoughts…

stay healthy friends.  Keep in touch



  1. Am so glad the flowers forgave you! All”s well here. Housekeeper did socially distant cleaning at my house today. So I have a clean house and lots of food on hand, and cannot invite anyone to enjoy it with me! Weird world! I did bake whole wheat bread last night, but find it hard to believe everyone is going to use all the flour and yeast they are hoarding.

  2. I think the Corona was a very wonderful idea, glad you got gutsy! Keep showing us how to have fun in the time of corona-virus.

  3. What a wonderful day for drawing and drinking in the park!!! Reminds me of my youth. You girls do know how to make the best of a bad situation……Have to wonder what the hoarders are going to do with all that flour, and why? They will be rewarded when they find the bugs!

  4. what courage! and i am not referring to the corona in the park. that was inspired. i am thinking of safeway. we too went there. madness! saw the same empty shelves. desperate people crowding the aisles. helen at the checkout counter told us one had to be there at 6am to get tp! let’s not repeat that dangerous shopping ever again.

  5. Toilet paper for a respiratory virus?🧐 I’ll take the fresh veggies,and fruit. Great see see your enjoying life instead of panicking!😊

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