Not “Duck Soup”

“Duck Soup” means an easily accomplished task…pretty far from our world of the moment.  But,

14 baby ducklings hatched over at the Mill Thursday…

Scanning our favorite news sources came up with these images…the old reality (from the NYTimes)

…and the new reality…(from the Washington Post

the pictures  of the 1918  flu look very like the images we are seeing of illness around the globe.

I got a delivery of art supplies left on the porch…phew!

Musings this morning:

Art and music hold us together and even though offices and schools shut, people can no longer hug or chat face to face, we can still “make”, and from what I can tell, most of us are.  And the music of the Italians serenading each other from their balconies, of a lone cello player under the cherry trees at our own State Capitol and more, plus our vast inter-connectedness through the internet, maybe means that this will be an time of artistic explosion, with the venues being electronic?

Have you “Zoomed” yet?  R has been zooming all week for exercise…

and then this morning we zoomed with my siblings…

and our neighbors…

In sewing news the spring place mats are complete and the Quiltopia challenge quilt is begun…

drawing goes on all the time of course…some are lovely and some…well…of the moment…

Cheers Dears.  Keep in touch…



  1. Thanks Bonnie. I am self isolating at home. I enjoy your blog so much.
    The duck video an added bonus!
    Stay well! Xoxo

  2. ms. brenda starr, always the ace reporter! loved the scans of then & now. & your spring placemats are gorgeous! what bird tipped you off about zoom? we had not even heard about it until just the other day. keep the press open and upbeat and true to the times. all wonderful for those of us who depend upon hearing about news personal & local.

  3. Bonnie, I am one of your Missouri cousins, Mary Marshall is my sister. I know you have done some communicatingwith her. I live in St Louis. My daughter, her wife, and their daughter live in Port Angeles WA, but my daughter spends her weekdays in Seattle working for the IRS, traveling home on the weekends. My son lives here; he’s a waiter in a very nice restaurant, one not staying open to offer deliveries or curb side service. Your posts in the recent days have provided me with many smiles and unbelievable comfort. I live in a complex for older (I will be 72 in a few weeks) or disabled folks. There are 180 units, but right now, even though I know when my neighbors are doing laundry because the laundry room is right down the hall, we don’t spend much time chatting with each other. The loneliness is affecting all of us. This morning when I was going outside for my first cigarette of the day I met one of the younger people who lives here. She spends every day in a wheelchair because of spina bifada and has never walked, but she still has the most positive attitude of almost anyone I know. She asked if she could come and visit me and I said yes. We, I’m sure will stay the requisite social distance from each other, but both of us are so starved for someone to chat with other than the folks on FB, that we make the effort by allowing someone other than family cross our threshold. Thanks so much for sharing your days with us. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your words and pictures.  Barbara Bowes Merritt3601 Lemay Ferry Road 227CSt Louis MO 63125314-329-6966bl_merritt@yahoo.comBarbie Bowes Merritt on FB photosMy son Ray and me at Mary’s grandson’s weddingMary and 5 of her 7 kids at the same weddingMy daughter Pam and her wife Lee, Pam is wearing the dark shirtMy 15-year-old granddaughter formerly known as Kate, now they are Kai.She is an artist with unbelievable talent; made the dragon for a display at the town library.

  4. Baby ducks🥰 cheers to you , my friend. At least we have the means to still socialize with friends and loved one . Years ago, one just prayed that friends and loved ones were okay!

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