It’s Everybody…

We are literally “all in the same boat.”

(and here’s a boat my Dad made for “the boys”)

(and two boats from Mr. May…still missed here on “the Island”)

How many times over my long life have I heard the phrase “we’re all in the same boat”…but “all” really meant all people of a certain age or income level or gender or political sentiment.  This time though…it’s everybody… and that makes it a pretty fascinating time to be alive (and to try and stay alive)?  Nothing will be the same again… and yet here’s my neighborhood, my garden, my family…and we will be changed, but we don’t know exactly how.  Irene put it perfectly in her comment yesterday…”I feel as if I have somehow got tangled up in a Netflix series and I don’t know the script or my part in it.”  Worse yet, there is no script yet…so doing the daily things is about all we can do…

I read that the local Safeway would be open from 7-9 a.m. for the elderly and the compromised…and it was mostly just us old dogs there…

and of course…still no toilet paper…

The checker was new and had no idea what I was buying to roast later…”What’s this?”…”and this?”  so this is a quiz for you readers…know what these are?

but…it IS the first day of spring…

and this delightful message came…Nico on the quilt I made for her…(artbaby…)

and a walk through the neighborhood (a nice young woman walking toward us jumped off the sidewalk and crossed the street saying “I’ll give you the space”) with all the lovely gardens in bloom, but also some amazing weeds

and that’s about it from this little venue…



  1. Thank you Bonnie for your postings. I am so glad they are back. Enjoy this Spring day and I do know what those items are.. Poppy

  2. Is there a prize for knowing the veg? So funny when the commonplace is foreign to someone.
    I, too, am happy to have your meanderings come to my computer bringing an interesting point of view. Look forward to the next installment.

  3. Love the window photo! That one weed looks a no touch kind. The veggies… well I would say a turnip and sweet potatoes..

  4. Hard to tell if it is a turnip or a rutabaga, but rutabaga was my first guess, and sweet potatoes. No parsnips or celeriac or other exotica to puzzle the checker?

  5. I can’t believe there is still a real, honest to goodness stationery shop. I am impressed. And with spring new blossoms, fresh ideas, new solutions….we can only hope.
    Thanks for brightening my day, Bonnie.

  6. Missing Dan myself….and his clever ways. Oh to wander in Island Salem xoxo. And the rest, lovely photos and thoughtful words. The first day of SPRING was sights & sounds to behold….and the sweet smell of Daphne. All mingled in the warmth of the sun, oh my.

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