The View From Home

Greetings friends.  Have you been having nice conversations and emails and texts with loved ones?  We have because…well…everybody is home and thinking about everybody else. (Here R’s cousin in Boston…)

This morning I got wondering what the world looked like for some of my cohort (as we now say)…my own family and friends.  I sent out a lot of texts and emails and other messages, and got some replies…enough to make this a fun.  I just asked people to send me an image out their window and here’s what one little slice of the world looked like today…March 26,2020…the year of the corona virus…

Our house:

…and some other Salem venues (and here we note that lots of people were looking out at their pretty gardens today…)


Portland,Oregon (front porch, back porch):

White Salmon, WA:



South Bay Area:

San Francisco:

Santa Fe



And here Linda points out the similarity of her view to the view in “Rear Window”

Chattanooga, Tenn:




and there you go…parts of this world…everybody at home…Stay well.  Keep in touch.






  1. And not a human to be seen…as it should be in the year of corona. I am making a corona quilt block.

  2. Love this. And want to say that the fourth window view (branches) just has pareidolia written all over it

  3. What a brilliant idea! It reminds me of one of my favorite books, “The City Out My Window” about NYC. I always love seeing other people’s homes and yards. Creativity abounds!

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