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Well here’s the real truth…I’m just not that motivated.  I get up early enough, but I move pretty slowly…”open the house” (open shutters, turn off porch light, etc.)

check the bleach bucket (1/3 c. bleach in a gallon of water to disinfect the incoming items)

BREAKFAST and the Bee…

Thinking about Vivien and Sidney…

reading the email and social media…thinking about the Getty Museum…let’s make a still life…Cezanne’s “Still Life With Apples”

try to upload it to Instagram but it won’t upload for some reason…

Hey remember a few years ago when Katherine Ace did this similar thing at PAM?


some love notes arrive and remind us how grateful we are for friends (thanks Natalie and Jennifer) in this time of isolation:

I brought a bunch of stuff home from the studio yesterday but haven’t gotten the bags upstairs yet…

Dayna had a good article on her FB today about the stages of this quarantine and how we feel and what we might do… BUT that really this is like a world war and life will change in many ways forever

so I made some masks…(the NYTimes pattern is an easy one…)

Keep in touch friends.




  1. well, why is it we are so interested in your ennui? or why is it your ennui is so interesting? must be something going on in these corona posts that speaks for us all but is also particular, beautifully realized and documented. hot masks! & hotties in them. don’t stop the press.

  2. Thank you Bonnie for your posts. Life certainly has slowed down and I join you in the loss of motivation at times. Be well and stay healthy. Poppy Dully

  3. Fabulous, blah, blah, blah…love that stuff…love you. You make this isolation so much more bearable.

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  4. I so look forward to reading your blog. It speaks to my hungry soul, it seeks to connect and I feel the connection, it is the purest art, person to person…emotion. Thank you for every post.

  5. Love this post as I do every one of your posts! I have a different email address and have essentially abandoned this one. Except when remember that you will be here! Then I have the multiplied delights of
    discovering several of your marvelous posts! Thank you so much for persevering with your posts. They are truly a valuable, joy generating gift, every one!

  6. Love to know how you are faring. Really appreciate the article, this is twice you have come to my mental rescue. Thanks.

  7. My dog has been getting me up at 4:30. He has to, you know, go out. Then he wants his breakfast. By then i am wide awake, and he has retired to his bed under my desk So, with coffee in hand, i turn on La Machine. You really must know, your blog is so worth waking up to. I delight in every word, every photo. Thank you lovely lady.

  8. . . .What a MIND… even do “being bored” beautifully, and w/flair !! thanks, again

  9. I have been enjoying those museum replicas so much and yours are great. I also like your masks. I guess I need to make some too. Hard to know what to do, these days, the world as we know it has changed.

  10. Thank you for a look at reality, the loss of motivation, the bucket of bleach water, making masks, not bothering to carry art supplies up the stairs. All touch a nerve in one way or another and even in the stark reality of our world, you present your life as still beautiful and full of life. With gratitude.

  11. Don’t fret Bonnie. We are all in the same boat. We do not plan to jump ship.
    We are fortunate to have this wonderful wag to connect with one another.

  12. Love the still life and the masks. Good reminder that a lot of artists will be struggling to get by right now. Once salem Art fair was canceled I decided to shop online with some of the artists that attended last year. Thank you for all the creativity and joy.

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