Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint

A good news day.  Although the Clifford Gleason show Roger Hull has curated is scheduled for June 6-August 30, 2020, at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, is in the shadow of Coronavirus, the book is going to be published.  The proofs arrived today. (Thank you Howard for the pick up and delivery.)

And though this is book number 11 it is always a sort of thrilling moment to see it come to life…

Clifford Gleason grew up here in Salem and painted here, then moving on to Portland for the rest of his career.  The work is beautiful and R has rounded up some terrific examples and a lot of information…but today was about the book itself and the editing process…

Some of the early work has Salem ties including his mural design executed with Louis Bunce, who was in Salem in 1938 at the Salem Federal Art Center.  The mural was for the Bush Elementary School and when the Bush School was razed the mural was removed and cleaned by Nina Olsson and then relocated to the North Salem High School Auditorium…

You’ll have to wait and get the book (and hopefully see the exhibit) to get the details, but I thought I’d just show you some of the work here, without all the proper attributions…

Especially nice to have a good news day this week.




  1. that purple one is wonderful–thats the purple that makes life better==thanks for the pix and thanks to roger for creating these books!

  2. Looks like a wonderful piece of work – no surprise – as the spine of the Henk Pander book stares down on my desk.

  3. thank you for this, Bonnie. It looks terrific. I appreciate ONE word when I comes to writing a book: COMPLETION!! So congratulations to Roger, who saw it through. And I find man of these art works compelling and imaginatively teasing. Ginny

    1. Yes Ginny…almost done…this book and exhibit have been in the works for quite a while and it’s with a real sense of accomplishment that it is gracefully floating down to a landing.

  4. I am somewhat familiar with Gleason’s later work. I love the compositions and envy his sense of color. Quite fun to see the murals!

    1. They are vibrant due to Nina’s good work…the new Bush school judged them as “Too difficult” for children so they were sited at North Salem High School. Someplace there is a photo of Roger, Cathy Mink, Mike Bednarek and me sitting in the empty auditorium in front of the newly installed mural…triumphant that with the hard work of so many, the cooperation of 24J and donations from this community this mural was saved, cleaned and reformatted, and re-sited. No small task!

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