Bulletin Board #2

It’s amazing how much there is to do around here…I had to take a blog day off yesterday, and I don’t have a lot to report today…though a few more window photos have come in:





Long Island

I suspect you’ve all been zooming…we had two social “outings” this week that involved Quarantinis and hors d’oeuvres


Masks have featured…

and Larry sent this drawing made when he was a ten year old, of a Donald Duck comic…I LOVE this drawing…

I’m going to use this drawing.  Larry quit drawing and says “my artistic reputation is nil” (he can really sing though)…most kids do quit drawing, as Lynda Barry says the drawings “…left too much evidence.”  Though really the very first expression most children have is drawing.   Cultural comment, here.

Remember this?


R to the rescue:

We walk in the neighborhood daily and noted all around this one house there were leaf prints in the new cement sidewalks…

And speaking of sidewalk…all the sidewalks were re-poured over the last two years, and though smooth and walkable they have totally eliminated all the names and dates of the original sidewalk makers…and an important artifact for the historic neighborhood…but we found this …new sidewalk/old sidewalk…

1910 was when the original paving mostly occurred here in CCRHD. (Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District)..and all week is was cold with that Oregon special…gray, cold, soaking rain…but today..out came the sun and the garden has taken another leap forward…

we ate lunch on the deck!

Mostly, on the whole,  I’m avoiding the news,  but this morning I read and watched videos of the horrible situation in NYC and I felt guilty for being isolated in this nice house with a comfy bed and a delightful partner…

and through the kindness of friends we have plenty of food, fresh fish, supplies.  Thank you Howard and Dayna and Mike and Gretchen and Shelby and Katy and Jessica and Beth…for helping us.

Keep in touch friends.


  1. Yes, we are ALL very lucky here and it’s wonderful to have you show us. Noticed a particular coaster, green and cream, I have a few of those and great memories to go with them, thanks for those too.

  2. Donald Duck drawings are delightful and charming. ❤️ Leona and I still watch some of the old movies of Donald, always end up having a good laugh.

  3. It is always nice to send time with you Bonnie, albeit digitally. That is a very fine looking martini and I admire your fabric collection. Stay well.

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