Finding Your Own Way

The days seem to “zoom” by… I’m not THINKING about this situation so much as just trying to survive it.  I want to go have coffee with my drawing friends…

and so on.  So do you.  So does everybody.  I no longer think in terms of “inspirational messages”… only just in terms of getting through the day…”watching” has increased…

Texting has become important as my brother and I exchange BEE scores

and my sister-in-law texts pictures of her “salad”…

out in the neighborhood everything is looking beautiful,

John has planted tree peonies

and Julie’s Japanese maple is gorgeous,

Cynthia’s wisteria is about to pop…

Heidi is teaching drawing classes at CCC virtually, from home…and after we chatted (at least 15 feet apart) the other day

she sent me some images of her process, which is fascinating…she has set up a corner of her dining room (covering her instructional white board when not in use) as her “office/classroom” since entertaining is out, and they’re eating in the kitchen…and still life material abounds in the house…

But I was still having trouble imagining how one actually teaches drawing remotely in an engaging way so Heidi gave me some of her instructional tips (and permission to post them) starting with “a negative shape exercise demonstration using the usual suspects in a home…”

“Edge work with crusty old leaves requiring students to get out for a walk…”

“Aim for drawing surface to be parallel with angle of face or perpendicular to your view angle…”

“Need to get out of the house?  Glad you’re taking Introduction to drawing.  Sit in your car and learn (the college has Wi-Fi in the parking lot…)”

“Sick on the couch?  If you’re up for it, get some homework done…”

“Have an apartment or house stairwell that is relatively unused?  Get some work done…”

“I think the biggest challenge for many students is finding the time and space to work without so many interruptions…getting back to some sort of routine when your routine has been completely upended.  We have to be flexible and figure it out and stay safe in the process.  My aim is to make it an adventure.”  and Heidi’s final comment resonates…”one of the hallmarks Of our country is innovation…without a ceiling or border or boundary to possibilities…EVERYONE FINDING THEIR OWN WAY.”

Here was an inspirational moment found on a neighborhood walk and much more interesting than other found things…Thank you Heidi!

As the weather sweetens we all want to get out…especially kids…

I draw, Roger writes, we eat smaller and smaller meals as we think about supply lines, we watch what’s happening in NYC and Detroit and Chicago and keep our fingers crossed for ourselves and for you…and continue to wonder how the streets of NYC and London can be so empty but 17th and State never stops…

Keep in touch friends.







  1. oooh…I could go for s-i-l’s “salad” now (if ketchup and frenchfries count as veg. in school lunches, then these more than qualify as salad – although maybe not in school lunches).

  2. I love, love, love your posts. You make my days. I wish George were here to read them. On your walks, please stop by to wave. I am going to try a cocktail hour with friends, outside tomorrow, observing the six foot distancing. They are bringing their own drinks and I’m not making hors d’eouvres. Do you have any suggestions? Have you tried it?

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. As our family, (5 children 3 in-laws, plus very significant others and one fabulous grandson) can not gather together for Easter for the first time in our family’s history, we are going to Zoom together.
    So strange & interesting a time. Although we may all come out of this more tech savvy, I do hope we come back together with all the hunger & enthusiasm for one another that we are feeling now! And step away, at least to some distance, from the online devices! As always dear Bonnie, thank you for yet another of your excellent posts!

    1. Love to hear your e-voice Sue-Del…and I can picture your wonderful family around the table , which you will do again I know. Voices become very important.

  4. What a sweet focus on Heidi. I took her drawing class at the college a couple of years ago and I can attest to what a great teacher she is!

  5. Was missing you. Glad to know you’re well and thanks for the helpful hints for life in the time of Covid.

  6. I loved hearing about Heidi’s process of teaching. We have been selling her students art supplies and I was really curious how CCC instructors were teaching.

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